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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

People who don't recycle should be punished?

Nowadays recycle is one of the most important topic that we hear daily.

Every day, in the newspaper, in advertisements, in the radio, we hear that we have to recycle, but if we don't do it, have the police need to punish us?

In my opinion, I don't think so, every people know what is better in our and in the future generation, and if they don't recycle they probably can't do it because of they economy doesn't allowed, I believe that the humanity know what is good for her.

Actually, I think that all the people need sometime to get used to recycle, and in 10 years, more or less, one important part in the world will be recylcing.

For me, recycling is one of the most important things that I do in my house, and I hope that this won't to change.


Stephen William Hawking, was born  in the 1942 the 8th of January  in Oxford, United Kingdom.

It's the most important teoretical physicist in UK, and probably in the world.
He studied maths and physics in Oxford University, and he was graduated in 1962, then he went to Cambridge to do a PhD.

His cientific interest was focused on black holes, and in 1974 he explained that the black holes exploit when they run out of energy.

Since 1973 he had wrote 4 books, all of this about his teorichal about black holes.

At the beginning of 1960 he had the first symtoms about (ELA), one type of sclerosis.

Currently, they have a wheelchair becouse the sclerosis banned him to walk, but a part of this he's still followed by a lot of people.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014


Kunene, the place where the human race is barely banned the place where the wildlife and the traditions are the kings. Located in the northwest of Namibia, Kunene region is a paradise. A place where the strength and the beauty of the nature get together to offer you an unforgettable experience.

A region that was punished by history, but now, it’s an example of freedom and democracy.

Come on! Take your bag, your boots, put over your head a round salacotte and get out from here to find the adventure. Kunene is waiting for you; Kunene is waiting for your dreams!
What are you waiting for? 


Many people wants to help the world. They always try to help the Earth. But also, there are lots of people who don’t caring about the enviroment problems.
I think we should change the way of acting of these people.

Every year, lots of rubbish tones aren’t recycled, and this is an awful problem. If we don’t do anything to control all of this rubbish, in thirty years we’ll be living inside it. alot of big cities, have several problems with their own waste management. Each person generates more than one tonne of waste per year. we are in front of an unbridgeable situation, and we continue polluting more and more.

That’s the reason why people who don’t recycle should be fined, because these people are the answer to the enviroment modern problems.

Travelling for adventure

When you travel, you improve your knowledge, you see other cultures, you taste other type of foods… in conclusion, when you travel, you are free. But there are people who travel to adventure.
A lot of people go on their own to other countries. They only carry a backpack and some money. They spend months, years travelling around the world. This situation can sometimes be dangerous. If you get lost, you can have several problems. You are in a foreign country, you don’ know the language, you can be in a place without medical services… for that reason, you should have some tools that you can use in those moments when the line between life and dead is very thin.
But on the other hand,, it can be the best experience in your life. Travelling around the earth, meeting people, enjoying the nature, feeling wild…
Is there something better?



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Mary: Hi Sharon!
Sharon: Hi Mary !
M: I read on Facebook that you are planning to go to Maldives for your 40th birthday. Is that true?
S: Yes I'm realy exited, it was supposed to be a surprise present from my daughter.
M: And what happened?
S: Well, I found the plane tickets when I was cleaning her bedroom. It was a fantastic surprise.
M: I'm sure it was! And when are you leaving?
S: Next sunday. I'm a bit nervous because it's a long flight.
M: I'm sure thet everything it's going to be ok! How long are you going for?
S: For three weeks, and the last week all my family is going to come.
M: Wow! That's great!
S: What about you?
M: I'm still thinking about where to go!
S: Why don't you go to Bali? I know that you've always wanted to go there.
M: I will that's one of the opptions.
S: Sorry, I have to pick up my daughter! I'll send you a postcard and we can meet up when I get back.
M: Perfect! Have a good time and see you soon!
S: Bye Mary! See you!!


Formal letter

Dear Mr.Stevens!

I'm writing to you about the possibility of me and Raphaelle coming to Chop Point this summer as your children's babysiters.
I know that Raphaelle has already contacted you about this but I wanted to talk to you directly as well.

As Raphaelle may have told you, we have already talked about our availability over the summer and we came to the agreement that the second session (which is from july 13th to august 2nd, right?) would be best for both of us if that suited you.

We would both be delighted to have the opportunity to do this because we have always talked about the possibility since we first went to Chop Point. In fact, we discussed this in detail last summer when Raphaelle spent two weeks at my home in Spain and we decided to get in contact with you to see if you would be interested.

If you are interested in our propose please do not hesitate to get in touch! 
We would both love the opportunity to come over to help you!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Bernat Torres Solana

Monday, 19 May 2014

Isabel Allende


Isabel Allende is a Chilean writer, who was born in Lima in 1942. Daughter of a Chilean diplomat was the one who instilled the passion for literature, Isabel Allende studied journalism. While she started writing plays and children's stories, she worked as an editor and columnist in newspapers and television. In 1960 Isabel Allende joined of FAO, the United Nations organization, which deals with the improvement of living standards of the population.
In 1962 she married with Miguel Frias, with whom he had two children, in 1987 they divorced. In 1973 he was exiled to Caracas a result of a Pinochet coup, is here where Isabel start their library production.
The first great novel of Isabel Allende was The House of the Spirits, definitely established her as one of the great Spanish American writers of all time and their work it became immediately into a best – seller in United Estates, Europe and Spain.
Eleven years later, for putting them on sale they made the film adaptation, fact which involved an international success, “The house of the spirits, 1993”.  The author collaborated in preparing the script and various international actors for example; Meryl Streep, Glenn Close, Jeremy Irons, Winona Ryder, Antonio Banderas y Vanessa Redgrave.
Two years later the author wrote “The house of the spirits” he wrote “De Amor y de sombra” this book made ​​clear to international critical I hadn’t just by chance the success of his first book.
But throughout his life Isabel Allende, to written more great works for example; Eva Luna (1987), The Infinite Plan (1991), Paula (1994), Aphrodite (1998), Daughter of Fortune (1999), Portrait in Sepia (2000) and the book of memoirs My invented country (2003).  Allende translated their works to over 25 languages and are found in the lists of not only American but rather international sales.

In 2010 she won the national prize for literature of Chile and today is 71 years old. 

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Meet the real meaning of safari!

There are always other ways to travel and have fun, but in Kunene, enjoy the unseen. Cheap and unforgettable holiday you will admire innumerable beautiful landscapes and deserts, even national parks! In Kunene the fun and comfort are assured. The physical nature blended with adventure, give rise to an unforgettable experience in a safari as you never lived, grab your bags and come, in Kunene we are waiting you!

Monday, 12 May 2014

Come to experience the real Africa in the Kunene region!

Are you looking for something out of ordinary? How often do you wish you could escape from civilisation, out of mobile range and bury your head in the sand? Well, as luck would have it, this is possibly one of the best places to do just that.

A journey through Namibia is all about daily surprises; the impossible number of stars, the expanse of views over the desert mountains, the amazing wildlife and other-wordly creatures that will astonish you with their evolved originality, the wonderful colours of sand-dunes at sunrise, etc.

The Kunene region is definitely not a typical safari destination which is what makes it so unique. Come here for the fact it lies at the edge of the earth. It is also one of the best places to encounter the Himba culture in an unstudied way, and witness this testament to simple living in its most elemental form.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Come to experience the real Africa in the kunene region

If you are interested in wildlife, traditions, wonderfull views, travel and discover new things, this trip is definetly for you.
If you want, you have the opportunity to comunicate and see how indigenous people live, a way of life that haven't changed so much for centuries, a way of life than can make us think about how we live and how many things we really don't need to live. Unfortunately, Kunene is a very poor region of Africa, and this region has suffered a lots of injustices, but since some years ago, people started to pay attention to this part of the country and give him the importance that really deserves. But in the other hand Kunene is a very natural place that hasn't been much affected by the human hands, and this gives us the oportunity to see the true wildlife, and see all the animals in their own environment.
It's a good spiritual and cultural chance to take in your holidays, so what are you waiting for?

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Enjoy Kunene.

You may be thinking of travelling to a famous city with high buildings and this stuff, but I must say that you actually want to travel to Kunene, you just have to know something about the place and you will delete your holiday planning.

Kunene is in the South of Africa and it’s part of Namibia. When noisy cities disturb you or don’t please you, what you have to do is to find somewhere far from the civilization and, if it’s possible, with a gorgeous landscape. You won’t find anyone disturbing you in the place, just you and the lovely Mother Nature (and maybe some elephants).

You should give it a try, just come here and enjoy a great spiritual experience combined with great gastronomy, good clime and good vibes.

Come to experience the real Africa in the Kunene region

Would you like to enjoy spectacular landscapes,endless deserts,wild animals, beatiful nature and comunicate with indigenous people?Would you like to leave  the boring scene of the modern life  and go to a place that hasn't changed much for centureies.Well the Kunene region is the right place for you!

Kunene is one of the fourteen regions of Namibia and is also home of the Himba people.Compared to the other regions of Namibia it's one of the most undeveloped regions .Its name comes from the Kunene river.It may be a very poor region but it has simply  great nature,and one example of this great nature can be that it's one of the few places around the world where you can find elephants in their natural habitat.There are around 20 000/50 000 people from the Himba group,they are indigenous people who live without any significant changes from their creation.

If you're an adventorous the Kunene region can be the best destination for your next vacantion and I'm sure that you'll enjoy it!